Thrifty Thursday

I am so excited about my newest thrift store finds.  Mostly I am stocking up on sheets and pillow cases to make dresses and shirts with.  My little ones are soon going to grandpa and grandma’s for 11 days.  The babies will be staying here.  They both nap so I figure I’ve got plenty of time to sew, plus I’m going to be borrowing my mom’s serger…got to make the most of it :) 

Anyways, I found these sheets and pillowcases.  Aren’t they great!  I can’t wait to sew them into some nice threads for the family.  I’m thinking that red one is going to make some great PJ pants.

 july 09 247

I also got this book from the library…


Country Living: Handmade soap, recipes for crafting soap at home. by Mike Hulbert
Country Living: Handmade soap, recipes for crafting soap at home. by Mike Hulbert

I am very excited to make some awesome soap.  There are instructions on making bar, liquid and laundry soap.  So fun…and thrifty.  Quality soap for less than the cheap stuff.  That’s my kind of bargain! 

Lastly, have you considered making your own bread?  I got this bread machine for mother’s day 2008, after much research and asking around.

july 09 245

I have zero complaints.  It makes the best bread perfectly cooked every time.  It also makes my favorite banana bread recipe 5xs better…no joke!  I have also used the jam setting…it is flawless as well.  The best part?  It has paid for itself in savings already.  I broke down the cost for one 2 lb loaf…$1.09 for homemade yummy bread! 

Enjoy your weekend.


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