what’s knitting and cooking?

This.  I made this yesterday for Isabel who has been asking for one a lot lately.  I seem to be in a knitting mood this week.  I also made a knitted project for a special friend who is expecting (more on this later). 

july 09 196

july 09 197

My next project in the plans is a baby sweater. I thought it best to make one for Josie first, and for a gift later.  Sometimes you learn a lot about a pattern on the first try.  I’m not okay with giving away imperfect gifts, so once again my kids will be the guinea pigs.  Tomorrow I have something special for you that I’ve been working on all week, bit by bit.  Late night writing has been drying my eyes out :)

In other news I made something that turned out unexpected for dinner last night.  In my defence I did have a migraine yesterday, so it was hard to focus.  Since I had a migraine, I really didn’t feel like making dinner.  I went for the Ramon noodles.  I love asian soup and tried to make this cop-out dinner a little more healthy.  I added some green onion, spinach, and…red cabbage (I didn’t have any green on hand so I improvised).  The result was blue soup.  The kids seemed to think it was cool, and Nick said, “It looks like the ocean.”  and added some goldfish to make it authentic.  For those curious, it tasted great, just a little hard to get past the color at first :)

july 09 202july 09 201

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