World’s Best Pizza Dough

When I was around 8 years old, my Mom opened a Pizza Parlor in small town AZ.  What I loved about it was the smell of the dough, cooked pizza’s and the sauce.  I can still remember how her hair smelled at the end of the day when she tucked me in bed.  I miss that.  I have tried about 6 different pizza dough recipes in recent years, and have gotten nothing but cardboard thin crust, and weird tastes.  Maybe you have a recipe you love, but I’m sure I could find something wrong with it…I seem to be happy with nothing less than perfection. 

The following dough recipe is my very own, which has taken me years to perfect.  Please understand that this recipe is a labor of love and took me many hours and meal before I was happy.  If you post this recipe, please link back here or at least give me some credit :)

Jennee’s Pizza Dough:


2 1/2 c warm H2O

4 tsp yeast

in your Kitchen Aid mixer.


3 tsp sugar

2 tsp salt

2 tbs canola oil

6 tbs vital wheat gluten flour

6 c bread flour (you can use whole wheat if you wish, just add an extra tbs of gluten for each c of wheat flour you use)

Attach dough hook and knead for around 10 mins on 3 or 4 speed.  Add a tbs at a time of water or flour if need. 

Dough should come up the hook and still stick to the bottom

Dough should come up the hook and still stick to the bottom

The dough should be quite sticky, but not soupy or smooth.  Your hands are gonna yet messy :)

july 09 105

Form 3 equal dough ball (if you have a scale use it).  Place on a cookie sheet and cover loosly with plastic wrap.  Let rise in the refrigerator over night or at least 6 hours. 

july 09 106

There you go…the world’s best homemade pizza dough (aside from my mama’s of course)

*It really is important to use a pizza stone when you cook this.  Doing anything else will leave you with a doughy middle and a burnt top.  Bake on a pizza screen or cookie sheet with no edges until the top is browned, then slide onto the pizza stone until the bottom is browned.  Use your edgeless cookie sheet as a pizza peel.  Enjoy! 

I’ll be back Monday with some more exciting posts.

2 thoughts on “World’s Best Pizza Dough

  1. golden778 says:

    You just made me really hungry for pizza! Thanks for the recipe :) Do you think it would work in a bread machine on the dough cycle? I don’t have a Kitchen Aid mixer.


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