Tuesday Tidbits…Clean it up

july 09 052

Our sewing tip for the day is brought to you by…me.  I’m not quite “big” enough to have one of those fancy blogs that sponsor all their favorite products and stores yet, but maybe  just maybe the day will come.  For now it is I sponsoring myself (I’ll be paid with one of the cookie bars I made last night no doubt). 

I had an “ahh ha” moment this morning while finishing up a sewing project–soon to be posted so long as there are no kid disasters the rest of the day. 

Do you ever find strange things at your sewing station or counter top? I certainly do…everyday.  Somehow a plastic bin ended up on my sewing table.  With 3 active kids it’s hard to say how exactly it got there, but there it was.  Instead of putting it away like I should have done a few weeks ago…it sat, alone on my table.  So I started filling it with things…pens, pins, all those things that I just wasn’t putting away.  Last night I put all the items in the bin away and was left with a (once again) empty bin.  So the “ahh ha” came to me this morning while clipping the thread from my project…trash bin!  Yes!  Gone are the days of putting my clippings and scraps on the table only to have my projects full of little strings.  Gone are the days of throwing all the trash on the floor only to have to sweep it up later.  Gone are the days of…well, you get the point.  Trash bin…genius.  I’m sure all you sewers out there have thought of this before, but for me, “ahh ha”.

Oh, and as a side note if you don’t use small scissors for clipping your threads, you should.  You can get very close to the fabric without cutting it, and it looks so much cleaner.  No little strings here and there.  Ahh ha!

One thought on “Tuesday Tidbits…Clean it up

  1. golden778 says:

    Great idea. Not sure why it never crossed my mind to do that. I usually throw my stuff on the floor or in a grocery bag if I’m energetic enough to hang one on my chair. This will be much easier. Ahh ha!


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