Celebrating Independence

I love our country.  I am saddened by events and policies in the past 5 years that are continuing now and are slowly taking away the power of the people– but that’s something I’d rather not get into.  I get a bit firey when these topics arise, anyways…I love this country.  I pray for this country.  Celebrating the wonderful USA was awesome.

The fourth of July here in Bisbee is full of fun.  Although I’m not sure exactly how many years the coaster races have been going on, I do know that my father-in-law has been watching them since before his kids were born.  We won’t put an age on that okay?  :) Would you believe that I completely forgot to take pictures of the coasters?  What a goof!  I will say the the parade leaves one wanting.  I have started a rumor that we’re going to have a float next year for the family barber shop.  I am not sure if everyone else is on board, but the prospect of a float in the future seems great to me. 

All in all, it was a fun day.  The fireworks at night we’re certainly interesting.  Not the city fireworks…the illegal fireworks that were being set off right above our heads.  Yes, I was a bit timid about the whole thing.  I can’t say I didn’y pray for it to stop.  Fireworks from mexico being set off by possibly drunk amatures does make a mama nervous, but all was safe despite my worries.  One thing I will say about our humble town, they really like to party celebrate whenever oppurtunity shows itself. 

The kids proudly flew their little flags making their mama full of pride.  Isn’t it sweet to see such excitment in their eyes?  I pray that I do a good job teaching our children the importance of patriotism.  I want them not take the freedom of this country for granted.  Patriotism that is fading from the hearts of my generation and theirs will be protected in this house.

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