A little reading, a little cute, a little homeschooling inpiration


More library scores came my way this week…

This book has some mouth-watering recipes I am excited to try.june 09 399

Here we have 30 projects and I’m thinking of doing about 28 of them…ahhh…why are there such good book out there?  Doesn’t anyone know that the temptation is too strong to resist and I haven’t enough time for all this sewing?june 09 400This one is way out of my league, but very good for inspiration to become a better knitter.june 09 401

I have definitely been knitting a lot these last few weeks.  I’ve completed 4 hats and yet another scarf.  Of course some are Christmas gifts so I certainly cannot show all of them.  june 09 397

She came to me like this and asked me if I wanted water :)june 09 321

Gotta love the first spaghetti pictures.june 09 353

And this little jewel is for all you homeschoolin’ mamas who need a little encouragement.  I got this flyer in the mail.  It is now hanging by the desk area.  Why?  Look at it.  Vintage, mama, and homeschooling all-in-one.june 09 398

Have a great Independence Day celebration!  See ya Monday.

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