Homeschooling 2

A couple of days ago I decided to start Isabel on her first grade curriculum and Andre, who is 4, on kindergarten.  I also made the decision to do this while Olivia is awake.  Why?  Because afternoons are made for relaxing not work :)  I guess I’m getting adventurous that’s all.  Okay so day 3 was today.  We just got done with our work, and truly it is going better than I planned. 

Olivia keeps busy with cutting paper and doing puzzles (which are only brought out during school time).  Olivia surprised me yesterday with knowing all the colors that I have been working with her on.  She normally calls everything “blue”, but yesterdayshe was right on the money. Yay!  It’s sticking :)

Our new wood pattern blocks are a hit with everyone, and the cuisenaire rods are fun for all too.  june 09 380june 09 382june 09 379june 09 381

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