Stain removal

When I was pregnant with baby 3 (Olivia), I was on a major “save the clothes” frenzy.  I kept a Spray n’ Wash stain stick with the diaper changing stuff.  At night I dabbed the kids clothes with the stick before taking it off and throwing it in the hamper.  I am going to revisit this method.  I like clothes stain-free.  This little stick does amazing work.  Red sauce, green sauce, baby food of all colors, even oil splatters.june 09 317

I recently happened upon a wonderful berry stain removal method…boiling water.  That’s right!  Boil some water and pour over blueberry, blackberry, or whatever kind of berry stain…watch the stain disappear!  june 09 318

I’m sure you know about our little friend hydrogen peroxide…great for blood and other bio-matter.  More on peroxide later…it’s fantastic for a wide range of things.

* I failed to remember when I first did this post that I am very interested in any ways you get rid of stains.  Please leave a post.*

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