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the knitting face

the knitting face

june 09 308june 09 309june 09 311june 09 313Whew!  Getting settled back in after a trip can be exhausting.  Visiting family and dear friends was great, but home is always a good place to be.  I suppose you could’ve guessed that while we were gone I did a little fabric and yarn shopping.  Nick even helped pick out fabric (so cute huh?)  It is great to be home. 

During travel time I started a new scarf.  I’ve always been one who can never read more than 1 sentence without getting car sick…but knitting was in my destiny.  I don’t get sick from knitting…yay!  Nick is also glad because I didn’t sleep the whole way as usual.  I will admit to some sleeping.  I ask you, how can I pass up a nap when all kids are safe and content? 

Josie’s genetics appt. proved to be unhelpful.  We still are unclear as to what we can expect for her future.  Time to save up a small fortune to see the California specialist…arhhh. 

I’m thinking that it’s time to get going on that pile of laundry…(you know, that one that is forever taking over my laundry room), unpack these crazy bags, get some bread cooking, and (oh yes!…)  wash and iron my new fabric.  Maybe some afternoon sewing will be happening today. 

Oh the good news… we had a great surprise upon our return…little sprouts from attempt 2 of gardening this year.  Maybe the birds will stay away with our sweet doggie guarding them in the back yard.

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