Nursing cover tutorial

Outraged by the prices of buying a nursing cover, I ventured to make my own.  I wanted something functional and hip.  It also had to be private (no belly or back showing) and big enough to nurse a larger baby in without the fear of the little peanut pulling it off (yikes!).  This cover is similar to a “Hooter Hider”, but longer and wider (remember, my belly fat must remain contained).


1 1/4 yards of cotton material  45 wide (Don’t pick fabric that isn’t breathable.  The thinner the better)  An old cute sheet would work too, just cut to size…check out the thrift stores!    I bought this fabric for $1/yard!

Thread to match

Single fold Bias tape  to match (one package is all you need)

14 inches of boning (poodle skirt stuff)

2 “d” rings

* all seams are 1/4 inch unless otherwise noted*

The widest part of the material will be the top and bottom.  You want it to wrap around you when finished.

 Step 1

 Fold sides towards the back of the material 1/2 inch and press.  Fold 1/2 again and press.  Sew seam close to the edge.

With sides pressed

With sides pressed

Step 2

Sew hem using the same method as above.

Step 3

Mark the center of the top (unfinished) edge.  Measure 7 inches from each side and mark with pins. 

 Step 4

Cut bias tape to fit the top edge.  Make sure to give an extra 1 inch so you can fold each side under for a clean edge. 

Step 5

Pin bias tape to top, making sure to fit the top of the material under the bias tape evenly, and matching both the back and front of the bias tape up.june 09 107

Step 6

To make the neck strap, use the rest of the bias tape.  Measure 24 inches and cut.  Now take your piece and cut at the 10 inch mark.  The smaller piece will be the left piece and the longer will be the right. june 09 109

 Step 7

Press one end of the short strap 1/4 inch.  Sew “d” rings to the short stap.  Press longer strap 1/4 inch and press again 1/4 inch.  Sew in place.

june 09 111

Step 8

Pin strap in place under the top of the cover.  Make sure it is on the inside of your pins marked for the boning.  Tuck in place so that the seam will be hidden.

june 09 114june 09 112

Step 9

Tuck boning under the marked center of the bias tape.  Re-pin if needed to make sure it stays in place.  You may have to squeeze it in.  That will give it a more formed shape.

june 09 113

Step 10

Sew the top of the cover along the edge of the bias tape.  Make sure you are careful to sew both the back and front of the bias tape evenly.  Go slowly so that the boning is kept in place.

Step 11

Secure the straps to the bias tape edge by sewing a “square”.  Do this by getting as close as you can to all edges of the pinned strap. Make sure the boning stays in place.  I ended up sewing one side of the stap over the boning.  Just go slow so you don’t break a needle. 

Step 11

Pull the long strap through the “d” rings and slip over your head….you’re done!

june 09 118june 09 121

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